Mission Statement

The Tabletop Writers Guild is a group of written reviewers, editors, bloggers, and general content creators who have the daft notion of continuing to produce tabletop gaming content primarily using the written word. Despite the proclamations by many that written coverage of games is dying in favor of other forms of media, both the volume and quality of written content has actually been steadily rising in proportion to the hobby. But due to its inherently decentralized nature, it can certainly seem that way at times. It can actually be difficult to find, let alone recognize, the number of sites and outlets committed to writing about a shared interest, even one as niche as tabletop gaming. To a point where even many writers have a hard time finding one another.

The TWG hopes to assist with this on multiple fronts by:

  • Providing a broad, inclusive, and egalitarian online forum for information, support, conversation, and general communication among writers over a common chosen vocation (and the unqiue benefits and challenges it brings with it).
  • Promoting writing and creativity in the wider community by championing the written word.
  • Providing the larger gaming community a list of sites and locations where its members’ content can be found online.