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A Guild Statement Regarding Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter. As writers, we are acutely aware of the power that words possess. When crafted well, words bring with them the ability to affect hearts and minds in the most profound ways possible. Words can inspire us to move mountains – or cow us into submission. Words can challenge us with new thoughts…
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A Guild Statement Regarding Plagiarism

Recently, allegations have arisen in the board game writing community regarding claims of plagiarism. Allegations which unfortunately have turned out to be true. As a result of this incident, the Tabletop Writers Guild wanted to reiterate our position on professional conduct in the written medium. Plagiarism is a highly damaging act that can have wide-reaching…
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Announcing the Tabletop Writers Guild

Greetings board gamers! Today we are happy to unveil a new collaborative gaming body: the Tabletop Writers Guild The inspiration for this community is pretty simple. Despite the proclamations by many that written coverage of games is dying in favor of other forms of media, both the volume and quality of written content is on…
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