2020 Tabletop Writers Diversity Initiative: Challenge Eight

Hello Week 8! It’s the next edition of the Tabletop Writer’s Diversity Initiative and I’m your host, Calvin Wong. I’m one of the Guild Directors and a writer for so many places – probably too many places if I’m honest. But that’s a different kind of challenge. 

Over the last 7 weeks you’ve done a variety of directed prompts, but I’m here this time to tell you you’re free to do WHATEVER YOU WANT


Challenge Eight:



This week’s challenge is to create something that doesn’t fit into the standard mold. Review a game in the medium of poetry. Talk about your favorite game as a photo essay of how you got it, or the favorite time you played it. Rank your board games as determined by how eager your cats are to get into the box lids.

I’m always trying to break the mold when it comes to games writing because games are AMAZING and games deserve the passion and creativity and pure awesome that you can create when you go off the rails a little bit.


Additional Challenge Info
  • Focus on creating something new, rather than submitting something you already did. Repurposing or editing something else into a new form is fine too!
  • There is no word limit. There are no limits. 
  • Once completed, post your comments or your article to your site on or before Monday, November 2nd at 9AM EDT. We’ll start sharing them out ourselves the next day, but if you want to circulate it yourself too with the #TWDI2020 tag, by all means.
  • Also, when finished, be sure to claim your Week 8 Merit Badge below!


One more time. Final stretch. You can do it. Happy writing!


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