2020 Tabletop Writers Diversity Initiative: Challenge Six

Welcome back to the Tabletop Writers Diversity Initiative! Hi folks! Week 6! DANG! I’m Nicole Hoye, and I’m the VP of the Guild, as well as a writer at the Daily Worker Placement. I’ve been writing for the DWP for over 5 years now, and I’ve had a chance to dive into all sorts of writing styles.

Some of my favorite writing has been covering gaming culture – events, people, communities. I’ve written about gamers here where I live, the start of local design convention Proto TO, and had a great bit of fun surveying people about board gaming and then writing those up in a series of articles with infographics. My fellow writers have also delved into this sort of content, from examinations of where conventions succeed and perhaps fail, to discussions with designers like Matt Leacock.

There are so many ways to look at board gaming, and this is a great week of the project to stretch your legs and find something you’d be interested in covering.


Challenge Six:

Gaming Culture


Contrary to popular thought, there are far more avenues for board game content than merely reviews or industry news alerts. Whether you game with friends and family, go to larger meetups, or attend conventions all year ‘round, there’s plenty of topics around you to encourage writing about the culture of gaming. Events, happenings, personalities, designers, board game forums, and more – there are so many places you can look towards to see thriving communities and culture.

That’s what we’re asking for you this week. Find something you’re interested in discovering more about, or something you’re already passionate about, and dive in! Prose, interview, blurbs – the style and substance is up to you and what you think fits best with said topic.

Have fun and get to know gaming a bit better!


Additional Challenge Info
  • Mentioning specific games, genres, mechanics, etc is fine if they’re relevant to your topic, but be sure that your main focus is framed around the people in the hobby rather than the games themselves.
  • Aim for 700-1200 words for this Challenge. 
  • Once completed, post your comments or your article to your site on or before Monday, October 19th at 9AM EDT. We’ll start sharing them out ourselves the next day, but if you want to circulate it yourself too with the #TWDI2020 tag, by all means.
  • Also, when finished, be sure to claim your Week 6 Merit Badge below!


That’s it for now. Happy writing!