2020 Tabletop Writers Diversity Initiative: Challenge Two

Welcome back to the Tabletop Writers Diversity Initiative! My name is Ruel Gaviola, a long time contributor to iSlaytheDragon and Geek & Sundry (among others), and a current officer here at the Tabletop Writers Guild. And today I have the pleasure of introducing the week two challenge!

I love lists. Whether it’s a daily to-do list or a list of monthly goals, lists help keep my life organized. They’re an excellent way to process information easily and quickly, and they’re often used when writing about tabletop games. A quick Internet search will find countless listicles, from articles like ‘Top 10 Zombie Games’ to ‘My Favorite Worker Placement Games’.

When writing about games in a listicle, you present information about games in a neatly organized manner and sometimes rank the titles on that list. Listicles are a common type of content that audiences enjoy, and they can also be fun to create.  A solid listicle provides a brief overview of games, grouped by a particular subject, and give the reader a good sense of each game and why they’re included in that list.


Challenge Two:

Tabletop Listicles And You


This week’s challenge is to create your own listicle, and we’re keeping this one fairly open-ended in terms of its structure, topics, and how long you want the list to be. You can focus on a theme, a mechanism, or something else entirely. The only major requirement is it be a list of games. Other than that, your listicle is just that: yours. Pick games that your audience may or may not know, but be sure to write about the titles in a format that’s easily digestible.


Additional Challenge Info
  • There is no list number requirements, but for this piece we recommend keeping it between 5 and 15 titles.
  • Aim for 600-1200 words.
  • Once completed, post it to your site on or before Monday, September 21st at 9AM EDT. We’ll start sharing them out ourselves the next day, but if you want to circulate it yourself too with the #TWDI2020 tag, by all means.
  • Also, when finished, be sure to claim your Week 2 Merit Badge below!


That’s it for now. Happy writing!

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