Announcing the Tabletop Writers Guild

Greetings board gamers!

Today we are happy to unveil a new collaborative gaming body: the Tabletop Writers Guild

The inspiration for this community is pretty simple. Despite the proclamations by many that written coverage of games is dying in favor of other forms of media, both the volume and quality of written content is on the rise proportionally to the hobby’s growth just as much as audio and video. Yet despite writing still being a large portion of our collective gaming content and coverage, from news and reviews to important opinion pieces, it is very easy for individual voices to get lost among the shuffle – especially since most of them don’t usually work behind a microphone. Unlike other mediums, writing is very decentralized, leaving the imperative up to individual authors and outlets to attract your attention. At times it can be difficult for the general public to find sites and outlets committed to writing about a shared interest, even one as niche as tabletop gaming. This says nothing of how difficult it can be for writers to find one another. (It truly can be like herding cats at times.)

Today, we aim to address that.

The Tabletop Writers Guild is not a media platform or an area for game design. Rather, its primary purpose is to provide a place where writers can congregate, network, discuss, and interact with their peers about writing in the industry. While there are several media-focused forums and chat groups that exist to some extent already, none of them cater to the unique advantages and challenges that affect the written community.

So we made one.

The intent with the TWG is to create an online community space for written reviewers, editors, bloggers, and general content creators who have the daft notion of continuing to produce tabletop gaming content primarily using the written word. Here, we hope to provideĀ a broad and inclusive online forum for support, conversation, and general communication among writers over their common vocation, and through these efforts also help promote the extensive array of excellent tabletop-based writing that exists out there by telling you where you can find them.

If you are someone in tabletop media who creates the majority of your content in written form and this sounds interesting to you, we invite you to sign up!


-The Tabletop Writers Guild Board